A Drainage Contractor in Hartford, CT Creates a Beautiful and Functional Landscape

When many people see a beautiful setting with a patio overlooking a lush lawn and beautiful flower beds, all they see is a pretty picture. They don’t understand the amount of engineering that took place to enable it to happen. Hotels, restaurants and other commercial businesses often rely on landscaping to create spaces their customers enjoy. They hire a Drainage Contractor in Hartford CT to make sure that it is done correctly.

Because cities want to make sure that drainage is controlled properly, they have regulations governing drainage plans. Permits may be required from several city departments. Design engineers have to calculate the total additional runoff that a project will create and then design a plan to contain it on site. Municipal and county regulations don’t allow a business to dump their runoff on an adjacent property. The only exception to this rule is if the nearby landowner grants a formal drainage easement.

Drainage plans often include natural features such swales to guide water and retention ponds to hold it. Depending upon the terrain, it might be necessary for the drainage contractor to install a series of pipes to carry the water to catch basins. If there is no public sewer system available, then the landscape plan will also have to account for the location of a large commercial septic system. Once the location of the septic system is known, only grass will be allowed over it. Trees must be kept a good distance away because tree roots can clog drains. During droughts, tree roots are attracted to the moist ground of the leaching field.

Once all aspects of the plan have been approved, the Drainage Contractor in Hartford CT arrives on site with the equipment and crew to construct the landscape. The septic tank, pipes, catch basins and ponds are installed first. Then the hardscape such as patios, walkways and retaining walls are built. The lawn, trees, flowers and shrubs are planted to complete the project. A good drainage plan is one that is invisible. People who are enjoying a fish pond probably have no idea that it’s really there to catch stormwater.

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