A Disability Lawyer Can Help You Win Your Benefits Claim

If you are disabled and unable to work you can apply for Social Security disability benefits, if you do, don’t be surprised to see that your application is denied; denials are not uncommon. Approximately two thirds of all applicants are denied for a host of different reasons. If you did not employ disability lawyers in Missouri at the outset, now is the time.

Your first contact with a lawyer:

Either the lawyer or an employee of the firm will gather the basic information and facts that apply to your case. The lawyer uses this information to determine if your case looks like one that will succeed. If, in the estimation of the lawyer your case looks good you can rest assured that he or she will take it.

Developing the necessary medical evidence:

Social Security relies on the medical evidence that they are given in support of your claim. Your new disability lawyers in Missouri will gather all the supporting evidence and submit it to the SSA long before your hearing is scheduled.

Your lawyer may suggest additional tests. These tests can be done independently or your lawyer can ask the SSA to schedule a consultation with one the physicians they keep on staff.

Preparing for the hearing:

Although you can request that the SSA reconsider their initial decision, rarely does this ever change their position. Your best chance to prove that you are disabled and that you meet their criteria is during a hearing in the presence of an Administrative Law Judge.

Disability lawyers in Missouri have gone through many hearings, they know what to expect and what the judge is looking for. Your lawyer will prepare you to honestly reply to all the questions that he or she knows will be asked in an effort to gain approval of benefits.

If your application for disability benefits was denied you should hire seasoned disability lawyers in Missouri. You are invited to a no-cost evaluation of your case by contacting the Grundy Disability Group.

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