A Crown Can Protect Your Tooth From Damage

There are many different reasons a dentist may decide to place a crown over your tooth. The most common reason is because a tooth has become damaged and is no longer structurally sound. If your tooth is damaged, placing a crown over the tooth can help to protect it and shield it from damage. Crowns offer your tooth greater strength so it is able to function normally.

The procedure for getting a crown used to take about a week and at least two dental appointments to accomplish. Now, many dental offices have labs on-site that are able to create crowns the very same day. This allows you to have all of the dental work carried out in one appointment.

Before preparation begins, the dentist will make impressions of your tooth. These impressions will be used by the lab so your crown can be created. This ensures your crown will fit perfectly in with your teeth for a custom fit and look.

Next, the dentist will need to prepare your tooth to accept the crown. Preparing your tooth involves shaping it and making it smaller so it fits inside the crown. After your tooth has been precisely shaped, it will resemble a peg. This will allow your tooth to slide in the crown so it has a tight fit.

Once your crown has been prepared and your tooth is ready, the dentist will adhere the crown to your tooth. This is done with a special dental resin so the tooth permanently bonds with your crown.
Crowns can last for up to seven years and longer, depending on the type your dentist uses and how well you care for it. Your dentist will give you ample instructions for care so you can help to prevent breakage and damage.

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