A Closer Look At A New Porsche Macan For Sale At A Philadelphia Dealership

When Philadelphia car buyers move into higher end luxury types of performance and sports vehicles, they are often astounded at the number of packages, options, and features that can be customized on these vehicles. When looking at one of the new options in the Porsche Macan for sale at any dealership in Philadelphia, keep in mind that there are very few features that cannot be customized to meet the buyer’s preferences.

Basic and Beyond

As with any dealership, a basic Porsche Macan for sale on the lot is going to have the lowest price. Modifying or changing different aspects of the base package will add to the price, but these modifications can add to your driving enjoyment. As one of the newer SUVs on the market, this vehicle already comes packed with a variety of features that are not found in the base models of other manufacturers.

The basic engine size for the Porsche Macan for sale is a 2.0L, 4 cylinder turbo engine. The vehicle can also be equipped with the 3.0L V6 turbo, which offers more of sporty driving experience than the larger Porsche Cayenne. This is an all-wheel-drive vehicle, with a rear-biased setup for optimal cornering and handling on the highway as well as for city driving.

The two different models of the vehicle range are the base and the S. The S features the 3.0L V6 engine and standard 19-inch wheels. It also has a twin pipe exhaust and a range of different trim packages not available on the base model.

Both of the options can be found in Philadelphia at the Porsche dealerships. Take the time to compare the trim packages, consider the basic or customized features, and then make a decision as to the luxury SUV you want to own.

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