A Clear View of Your Options: Auto Glass Installation in Saint Paul, MN

Automotive glass may seem to be a simple thing, but the truth is, creating a clear and non-distorted view while also producing a durable and safe product requires a lot of technology. This is why it is rarely cheap to replace automotive glass and why it is necessary to have the replacement performed by a professional.

There are two types of glass in a vehicle. Laminated glass is used for the windshield. This is basically two separate sheets of glass connected together by a laminating film in the center. This film is designed to help hold the glass sheets together in an accident and to prevent the glass from shattering and collapsing into the vehicle. Side and rear windows are a tempered glass which will shatter into small, rounded pieces on impact.

When Auto Glass Installation in Saint Paul MN is replacing glass of either type, there are three separate manufacturer options to consider. The first option is dealer glass. This is a glass manufactured from the same factory which originally manufactured the glass for your make and model of a vehicle.

The next is OEM glass. These windows are made by a manufacturer working with the dealer of whatever make you are driving. However, the manufacturer is not guaranteed to be the same one which initially created the glass for your vehicle.

The least expensive option is aftermarket glass. It is made by a manufacturer with no connections to any auto dealer. The products will still be safe, but they are not likely to be the exact same thickness or carry the same warranties as the dealer glass.

When an Auto Glass Installation in Saint Paul MN is being performed on a leased vehicle, only dealer or OEM glass is typically allowed as many dealers will not accept back a vehicle with aftermarket glass installed. For anyone else, aftermarket glass is often the favorite option because of its affordability.

If you have questions about auto glass replacement for any of the windows in your vehicle, Ace Auto Parts can help you to make the right choice. They can also provide you with an estimate or schedule an appointment for the repair or replacement. Contact them to learn more


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