A Carpet And Flooring Company Pueblo CO With Savings And Personality

It’s not often that you find extraordinary deals on carpet and hardwood, but you can find this at Rug-It-Righters Carpet Clearance Warehouse. The key word in that name is ‘Warehouse.’ As a warehouse, it means that we buy in bulk and pass the savings onto you, the customer. By combining savings and high quality, it has allowed us to stay in business for more than three decades.

Good Mood Carpet & Hardwood Sales

There is another reason customers keep coming back to us, which is our good moods. This goes beyond customer service. We always have a smile on our faces, and if you would really like to see what we’re all about as people, check out our website to see our commercials. We can pretty much guarantee you will have a laugh. These aren’t your average carpet commercials.

If you do work with us, we offer free measurements on your living space, great flooring options at low prices, and a 2-year warranty on items installed with us. We also do repairs.

Contact Us

If you’re looking for a high-quality carpet and flooring company Pueblo CO, as well as a company where the people who work there are actually smiling, then come give us a visit. Our Pueblo location is at 515 W. 6th Street, and our Colorado Springs location is at 3250 N. Academy Blvd. You can also give us a call at 719-573-9146.

Whether you’re seeking carpet, hardwood, installation services, or repair services, when you’re searching for a carpet and flooring company Pueblo CO, we are here for you. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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