A Car Accident Lawyer in Hawaii Negotiates for a Reasonable Settlement

Being seriously injured in a vehicle collision is a terrible ordeal. A dedicated car accident lawyer in Hawaii is ready to provide representation to clients so they can receive the compensation they deserve. They should expect a reasonable settlement after someone a wreck that led to hospitalization, surgery and recuperation in a skilled nursing center. The person’s life has been turned upside down in more ways than one, and getting back to normal may be a long time coming.

Common Injuries in Collisions

A lawyer with a firm such as Yoshida & Associates is familiar with the many kinds of physical harm that can occur due to vehicle collisions. Bone fractures and head injuries are common. Traumatic brain injuries, fractured legs and arms, and whiplash causing debilitating neck pain are often reported. The effects are life-altering, sometimes permanently.

Predicting the Court Award

The insurance company’s goal typically is to figure out how much a jury would award this person if the case were to go to trial. This rarely happens, as most accident victims and most insurers would rather settle outside of court. Otherwise, the process becomes very long, and the outcome is unpredictable. The insurer may have determined that a jury would be likely to award the plaintiff $100,000, for example, but the jury might decide on an amount that’s much higher or much lower.

The Free Initial Consultation

Sometimes the insurance company is very cooperative. During a free initial consultation, a car accident lawyer in Hawaii may tell the person that the settlement offer is reasonable. The attorney might be able to persuade the insurer to pay a few thousand more, but this would not be a cost-effective strategy for the claimant, as they would have to pay legal fees, which normally are one-third of the settlement in injury cases. In other instances, it’s obvious to the lawyer that the injured person deserves substantially more.

A free consultation does not mean the person is obligated to hire the attorney, so there should be no hesitation to make contact. Information on one particular law firm can be found at Autoaccidentattorneyhonolulu.com.

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