A Brief Guide To Gum Disease Treatment In Laurel, MS

Periodontal disease affects a multitude of dental patients in Mississippi. This condition is the chief cause of tooth loss. Through its many stages, it becomes more complex as pockets develop and the gum lines recede from teeth. This disease could lead to a variety of diseases of the body, which could have catastrophic results.

How to Treat Gum Disease

In the beginning stages, periodontal disease is treated through routine cleanings. This allows the dentist to make an attempt to prevent it from developing in additional areas of your mouth. However, if it advances from gingivitis to full-blown periodontal disease, treatment becomes more drastic.

Evaluating Planing and Scaling of Teeth

With scaling, the dentist applies a general anesthetic to prevent the patient from experiencing pain. The process requires the dentist to scrape away debris that has collected on the teeth and gums. This is conducted far below the traditional gum line. In some cases, the gum cells are scraped away.

With planing, the dentist must file the teeth to remove hardened surface materials. These rough spots are the direct result of periodontal disease. In patients with this condition, these are the most commonly used Gum Disease Treatment in Laurel MS to eliminate further damage.

What is Pocket Reduction?

Periodontal disease causes the development of pockets between teeth and along the gumline. This surgery allows the dentist to close these areas after the teeth are cleaned. This reduces the areas in which the cultivation of bacteria is most frequent. The gums forced flush against the tooth during this process.

Tissue Regeneration Surgery

In this procedure, the dentist uses mesh materials to prevent gum tissue from traveling into these areas. The process is similar to pocket reduction, however; it could initiate the growth of tissue and cells. In some procedures, dentists may perform grafting to secure the teeth more effectively.

The severity of gum disease determines which treatments are used. The purpose is to reduce the likelihood of further developments. For this reason, the patients may visit the dentist more often for these services. If you wish to acquire Gum Disease Treatment in Laurel MS, you should contact your preferred dental professional today.

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