A Brief Discussion of 7075 T6 Aluminium Products

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When buying aluminum for commercial use, there are many different alloys to consider. For example, 2024 alloy utilizes copper as the primary element, while 6061 uses magnesium and silicon. Each element provides a special property desirable for specific applications. 7075 utilizes zinc as the main alloy ingredient, and produces some excellent applications like 7075 T6 aluminum.

Because zinc plays a major role in producing 7075, it provides a great deal of strength. In fact, its strength is comparable to many kinds of steel. 7075 T6 is an excellent choice where steel is usually required, but there is significant corrosion to be concerned with. This makes the alloy an excellent application for environments that are unfriendly to steel.

What is 7075 T6?
7075 T6 is a particularly strong application. In fact, its tensile strength is between 74 and 78 thousand psi (pounds per square inch). Yield strength is from 63 to 69 thousand psi. The elongation to failure is from 5 to 11 percent. Elongation failure denotes the amount a material will strain or give before breaking down. The high elongation to failure rate of 7075 T6 indicates a high degree of ductility. This is a very important consideration for any building materials subject to constant or intermittent stress.

Is 7021 T6 a Viable Alternative to 7075 T6 Aluminum?
Because of the materials used and time in processing, 7075 is not the cheapest of materials. In fact, its cost sometimes limits its applications, and some companies are turning to a cheaper alternative known as 7021 T6. In fact, this is fairly common in Europe, and a good example is air cargo pallets. However, even though some suppliers make the claim it is as good as its more expensive counterpart, 7021 T6 is not as strong. Let’s take a closer look:
* Ftu (tensile strength) – 7021 (56,565 psi) has about 72 percent of the strength of 7075 (78,000 psi).

* Sheet thickness – it would take a .220 thickness sheet of 7021 T6 to equal the strength of a .160 sheet of 7075 T6. If a lower profile or thinner material is needed, this could present a problem. Plus, it may be necessary to purchase more material when thicker sheets are needed.

* Cost – 7021 T6 can be produced as much as 75 percent cheaper. However, in applications where exceptional strength is required 7075 T6 aluminum is still necessary, and well worth the additional cost.

7075 T6 aluminum is not the cheapest option, but for strength, it is one of the best choices on the market today. Talk to your supplier about the available choices.

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