A Boating Accident Attorney in Waldorf, MD Can Show Victims the Steps to Follow After an Accident in the Water

A boating accident can be just as scary if not worse than a car wreck. There is something about being out on the water with an injury that is unsettling. In the time that follows the mishap on the water, it’s important to protect yourself from a legal and practical standpoint. A boating accident attorney in Waldorf, MD can tell you what to do in this situation. Here are three steps to follow immediately.

Everyone Get to Safety

First of all, everyone in the boat must check for injuries. If the boat is still afloat, maneuver to a safe area out of the way of traffic. If the boat is sinking, find something float-able to hold onto until help arrives. If there is another boat involved in the accident, do not admit fault. Even if the accident is your fault, don’t admit it now. Try to keep emotions in check and do not let anything escalate at the scene. Take a deep breath and make sure everyone is safe.

Exchange Information with Others

This is not different than an auto accident: always exchange contact and insurance information with the other party. If there are witnesses who saw what took place, get their contact info as well. Insurance companies and attorneys will usually ask for the registration or identification numbers of all of the boats involved in the accident. Double check that this information is included in the report before leaving the scene. Even better, take it down on a notepad in case a copy of the report isn’t immediately available.

Speak to an Attorney

Being at fault for an accident means it is important to understand your rights and responsibilities under the law. This is where an attorney comes in. They will be able to assist in several ways relating to the accident. They are involved in pursuing compensation from the other party’s insurer, negotiating settlements and making sure that the interests of their client are safeguarded each step of the way.

Those who have been in an accident involving a watercraft should get in touch with a boating accident attorney in Waldorf, MD. Consider The Valente Law Group, as they treat their clients with the individualized attention they deserve. They have a hands-on, personalized approach to the representation of their clients. Visit Website Domain for additional information or to schedule a consultation.

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