Why Businesses are Using LED Canopy Fixtures and Other Green Lighting

by | Nov 11, 2013 | Electronics and Electrical

Why Businesses are Using LED Canopy Fixtures and Other Green Lighting

Smart businesses have learned that LED lighting can save them money and help conserve natural resources. As a result, many are replacing conventional retail, industrial, and commercial lights with LED options. These include LED canopy lighting fixtures, tube lights, garage lights, and more. Business owners rely on experts, such as LED Lighting Shop, to professionally install products that include:

  • CANOPY FIXTURES:  Many gas stations, storage businesses, and industrial areas are now being lit with LED canopy fixtures. This option provides a cost-effective, low maintenance alternative to traditional lighting. It is ideal for entryways, walkways, perimeters, and parking garages. LED canopy fixtures are also easy to retrofit and often come with a 5 year warranty.

FLOOD LIGHTS:  Typical floodlights survive about 100,000 hours; and incandescent floodlights burn out and create pollution. LED floodlights last 100 times longer, and do not harm the environment.

PARKING LOT LIGHTS: LED parking lot lighting includes a high efficiency, easily accessible universal power supply and offers a five year warranty. Lights turn on in microseconds. They do not interfere with radio waves, and draw much less current than other lights. LED lighting is cool to the touch, and withstands weather changes.
TUBE LIGHTING:  Homes, businesses, galleries, shops, hotels, and other places can increase lighting reliability by replacing conventional tube lighting with LED tube lights. These lights have less than a 1% fail rate and a heat sink patent.
SOLAR LED LIGHTS:  Businesses can reduce their impact on the environment and save money when they install solar commercial lighting in parking lots and other areas. Customers save during installation, because wires do not have to be trenched. After installation, there is no utility cost for lighting.  Solar options are ideal for highways, neighborhood streets, rural roads, and more.
HIGH BAY LIGHTS:  Customers who need to light very large areas can save money by installing LED High Bay Lighting. It uses a high efficiency driver to provide an energy-saving and maintenance free light source.
LED lights can save businesses money, by providing energy-efficient, low maintenance lighting options. These include choices such as solar LED flood lights, canopy fixtures, parking lot lights, and tube lighting.

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