7 Tips for Effective Garbage Collection in Baltimore, MD

Increasing awareness of the importance of recycling has encouraged many local homeowners to adopt more efficient disposal practices. According to the experts at Bay Area Disposal, organizing home waste before pickup can protect the environment and make everyone’s job easier. Below are several tips to streamline the process of Garbage Collection in Baltimore MD.

Separate Recyclables From Non-Recyclables

The best way to start is to sort trash into recyclable and non-recyclable piles. This saves sanitation workers the time and effort required to go through bags and sort items individually, and it helps homeowners protect the environment.

Crush Cans Before Tossing

To maximize space in trash bins, collectors suggest crushing steel and aluminum items before tossing them. Homeowners don’t have to take labels off of cans because they’re handled during the recycling process.

Don’t Break the Glass

Where recycling of glass bottles and containers are concerned, collectors recommend keeping them whole. However, if it’s necessary to dispose of broken items, don’t mix them with the glass of different colors.

Clean Things Before Tossing

Throwing away containers without first rinsing them is like leaving the door open for bugs and rodents to come in. This tip is applicable to all recyclable materials such as metal, glass, paper, and plastic.

Separate Newspapers From Other Paper Recyclables

Recycling newspapers are different than the recycling of other paper items. For this reason, garbage collectors suggest that newspaper is sorted separately from other paper materials.

Don’t Stuff Containers

Garbage in cans should be free-flowing so the containers can easily be emptied. Packing contents down in the container may allow the homeowner to fill them up more, but it makes the collector’s job harder.

Be Careful With Paint Cans

In some areas, paint cans are regarded as toxic waste and must be treated specially. However, other areas allow homeowners to put them out for curbside pickup if the paint has solidified.

Take Furniture Apart

If local rules allow customers to leave large items such as furniture by the road, find out whether they must be disassembled. In some situations, the owner must tell the trash company about the oversized items so the collectors can use the right type of truck during Garbage Collection in Baltimore MD.

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