6 Must-Have Motorhome Accessories for Your Trip

Taking the family out for a nice RV camping trip? Don’t forget to make sure your RV is ready for camping. Here’s a checklist of motorhome accessories from DoItYourself that you’ve got to pack before you hit the road:

  1. Machine for Frozen Drinks. When you get into your RV and drive off, you put yourself at the mercy of the elements. It’s man versus nature out there. But driving down the road under the brutal summer sun can take a toll on even the toughest person—that is, unless you’ve got a frozen drink in your hand. With iced or frozen drinks readily available and within reach, you’ll find the heat doesn’t bother you too much after all.

  2. Foldable Stepping Stool. When you live in an RV, chances are you’ll find a lot of things to be out of reach—places like the tops of the cabinets, the trees and the top of the RV. That’s why a foldable stepping stool is a great and handy tool to bring along. Foldable stools take up much less space when they are stored away so make sure to look out for stools that include this feature.

  3. Solar Chargers. Keep your gadgets charged the non-traditional way with these must-have motorhome accessories. With solar chargers, you’re using eco-friendly energy to power up your devices. Take that further by using solar-powered devices as well. By doing this, you don’t just save on electricity bills; you also cut down on your overall energy consumption. Imagine the effect it would have if more people around the world did the same. For one, it would significantly reduce the amount of energy consumed worldwide—a staggering thought.

  4. Bikes. Don’t want to waste gas? Use your bike to run errands when you run out of milk or batteries. Also, bikes come in handy when you want to explore an area and leave the RV parked at your campground. If your quarters are already tight, look to space-saving solutions like foldable bikes.

  5. Indoor Cooking Tools. When the weather takes a surprising turn from sunny to showers, you won’t have a problem preparing your meals because you’ve got yourself covered with this handy addition to your list of essential motorhome accessories.

  6. Grill. When the weather is perfect and the view even better, take out your grill and start a feast. There’s nothing quite like the combination of being able to sit back in the shade, relax and dine on fine grilled meat on a lazy afternoon.

Be sure to add these accessories to your list. You’ll definitely find it easy to have the best time on the road when you’ve got everything you need.

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