5 Ways to Spend Less on a Bathroom Remodel in Charleston, SC

There are numerous ways to transform your current bathroom without going broke. Choosing the best bathroom remodel Charleston, SC doesn’t mean that you’ll have to spend the thousands of dollars. You just have to know where to save and when to splurge. Here are five important tips that can help you cut costs on a bathroom renovation.

1. Maintain old bathroom footprint

One of the easiest ways to save thousands of dollars is to try and avoid moving things like the toilet, sink and tub and instead replacing them with new ones at the same locations. If you decide to move these systems then expect to spend more on the bathroom remodel because you’ll have to relocate the plumbing and electrical wiring as well.

2. Add beautiful bathroom accessories

It’s amazing how the right accessories can transform a bathroom and make it look nothing close to what it was before. Choose a beautiful vintage mirror and have it installed above your bathroom sink. You can also replace the shower curtain with a new one or just place a beautiful flower vase on the countertop. These simple items will cost less and still give you a great bathroom remodel.

3. Replace the showerhead

This is something that you can do on your own so you’ll save a lot on labor costs. You can buy a new shower head that transform your bathroom into a spa-like space. Making this new investment can improve your shower experience, and you’ll spend less on the bathroom remodel.

4. Hire a contractor

You need to understand your limits and hire a bathroom contractor when the job requires professional skill. Trying to carry on any plumbing and electrical work on your own can be dangerous and expensive in the long run. You can even get a designer to help you identify a suitable bathroom plan. It will be cheaper if you get a good plan that works for your bathroom than going for a design that just doesn’t suit the space.

5. Shop online for low-cost bathroom fixtures

There are some online stores that sell unique and beautiful bathroom fixtures at very reasonable rates. So instead of letting your contractor do everything for you, get online and start looking for items you love that are offered at a discount. You’ll find everything from faucets to vanities and fixtures sold at a good price. That’s your chance to save on the bathroom remodel in Charleston, SC.

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