5 Services Vet Clinics Should Provide

by | Jan 22, 2015 | Animal Health

If you are the proud owner of a happy pet, you need to find a vet or a veterinarian clinic or hospital that provides you with the services you want. You need to know that the vet clinic is there to take care of your beloved pet’s health care. Before you decide on with any veterinarian, you need to look at what he or she has to offer. You need to make sure that their facilities can deliver. You need to know if they have these five services vet clinics need to provide.

Annual Check-Up

If you have a pet, you know the importance of the annual check-up. While your pet may be healthy and whole, it is still essential you take them into the vet clinic for that annual check-up. It is the best way to ensure he or she is in good health. I tis also one way to ensure that the path you are taking – including the amount of exercise, the type of diet and overall environment, is the right one for your canine, feline or other pet.

Spaying and Neutering

Unless you are a kennel owner, you should take the time to get your animal spayed or neutered. This should be automatic for those who own dogs or cats. It is one way you can ensure you are not contributing – even accidently, to an unnecessary population growth. You may be rewarded not only with a lower fee for a license but also a decrease in certain health problems that are related to hormones. If nothing else, it means you do not have to fend off unwelcome male swarming if your female comes into heat.

Dental Health

Today’s doggy diets may lend to more dental health issues than struck their predecessors. Your veterinarian clinic should be able to handle such problems in house. This includes dental cleaning as well as dental surgery


If you dog requires any form of surgery, it helps if you can rely on your own veterinarian clinic to perform it. It can be disconcerting and increase the stress level for you and your pet if you have to take him or her to other facilities to perform even minor operations.

Emergency Services

A vet clinic truly does its job when it is open for more than normal office hours. It needs to be operational when your pet needs it. Unfortunately, many smaller clinics and offices do not provide after hour services. It not only means you have to take your pet elsewhere during an emergency, but it also means that if your pet is recovering from surgery, they may not have the staff to keep a close eye on him other overnight.

These are the five services vet clinics should provide. They are the most basic and even critical actions your pet may require. They can act as a guide for you when you decide what clinic can fulfill the role as veterinarian for your pet.

When it comes to choosing the right veterinarian for your pet, consider whether they are able to fulfill the basic 5 services vet clinics should provide. Consider alternatives and conventional approaches offered by Holistic Veterinary Healing. Our professional staff will provide your pet with the best available care possible. To learn more about what we can do for your pet, visit us at http://www.holisticveterinaryhealing.com/.


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