5 Good Reasons for Residential AC Installation in Davenport FL

Homeowners make many difficult decisions, but replacing an HVAC unit is one of the toughest. Although residential ac installation in Davenport FL is a sizable investment, continually repairing and using an old, outdated unit is just as costly. To know when it’s time for an upgrade, consider the signs below.


Generally, a properly maintained air conditioning unit should last approximately 15 years. However, if the unit needs constant repairs and it’s more than a decade old, it may make sense to simply replace it. This is particularly true in consideration of the industry’s technological advances from just the past few years.


If the home’s HVAC unit has a relatively low SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) rating, it costs more to operate. Today’s units are more efficient than ever before, and all new models must have a minimum SEER rating of 13. In homes where the rating is lower, replacing the unit increases efficiency and lowers utility bills.

Costly Repairs

Any time there’s the potential for expensive repairs, a homeowner should compare the repair cost to that of a new unit. If the repair bill is almost as much as a new system, and if the unit is exhibiting any of the other symptoms listed here, replacement is a financially sound decision.

Frequent Failures

Does it seem as if the unit is always breaking down? Are those service calls becoming more common? The cost of repairs adds up quickly, and it makes no sense to keep throwing money at an old, worn-out AC unit. Save the expense and the hassle with residential ac installation in Davenport FL.

The Use of R-22 Refrigerant

The federal government is phasing out R-22, commonly known as Freon, to conserve energy and protect the environment. Therefore, the cost of R-22 is rising rapidly. If the home’s current unit uses Freon, it will need replacement when supplies run out. When there are major problems with a unit that uses R-22, replacement is typically the best option.

Here in Florida, AC units see year-round use. If an area homeowner has any questions about when to replace their unit, or if they need service, repairs, or installation services, the pros are here to help. Visit us online or call today to schedule an appointment.

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