4 Vegan Cook Books Worth Reading

by | Feb 1, 2014 | Food & Drinks

Some people feel like vegans have limited choices of healthy and fun foods. Vegans also enjoy eating delicious and healthy foods made using sustainable ingredients. If you are running out of vegan dishes to prepare for yourself or your family, grab any of these 5 best selling vegan cook books. These books have been written by expert authors with years of experience in the food business.

Leon by Henry Dimbleby and Jane Baxter offers you amazing recipes that use ingredients found on your local supermarket, allotments and markets. The main aim of this book is to allow people to enjoy healthy vegan dishes made using sustainable ingredients. The book has a collection of over 150 simple recipes that anyone can try out. The book covers vegetable dishes that can be eaten alone as a whole meal as well as vegan recipes with accompaniments. There are also tips and advice on how to prepare dressings, salsas and grazing dishes.

Vegan Planet by Robin Robertson offers amazing recipes that can turn your non-vegan family members and friends to animal-free cooking. It is one of those vegan cook books that many vegans have craved for years. It has 50 recipes that vegan cooks can rely on to come up with amazing dishes. It also acts as a resourceful book since it offers tips on healthy cooking oils and healthy flavors for a vegan diet. Robert has always been known to create amazing vegan cook books and this one does not disappoint.

Easy as Vegan Pie by Hannah Kaminsky features more than a hundred easy recipes. For all those people trying to avid American desserts that are full of butter, eggs and other animal products, you can get great dessert ideas from this book. This book shows vegans that they can also enjoy one of a kind savory slices that are healthy and delicious.

Vegetronic by Alexis Gauthier introduces simple vegetarian dishes that everyone in the family can enjoy. The author focuses on ingredients like tomatoes, strawberries and artichokes to create some of the most one of kind vegetarian dishes you have ever seen. The book has 120 recipes that show you the potential of various fruits and vegetables. This book is not just for vegetarians since some of the foods are prepared using animal products. With this book, you will have a different opinion regarding what you cook and eat.

Books About Food features a wide range of food books for vegans. To find the best vegan cook books of the year, visit this site.


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