4 Top Advantages Of Investing In An Electric Immersion Heater

Hot water is an essential commodity in a household. It is good when you have an electric immersion heater because it has the following advantages.

Backup to Hot Water Supply

A significant benefit of an immersion heater’s role as a backup to boilers is a significant benefit. Immersion heaters do not work on gas supply, and you can use them as long as you got an electric supply. It provides a steady source of hot water even when your central boiler has problems.

Controls Energy Use

Immersion heaters give you the advantage of easily managing your energy use. You can turn the heater on and off when you need hot water. The best approach for managing energy use is installing a thermostat control system with your electric immersion heater. The control makes the heater turn off soon after the water reaches your desired temperature. A thermostat control system automatically switches the heater when the water is too cool. It solves the problem of energy over-consumption.

Eliminates a Need for Gas Supply

Some flats, especially those in remote regions, lack gas supply connections. Immersion heaters are the most reliable source of hot water supply if your home does not have a gas supply. Immersion heaters are reliable because they only require a power supply from the national grid.

Lower Upfront Cost

An electric immersion heater is a cheap water heating solution when you focus on the initial costs. It does not require a new ventilation system and additional piping like gas heaters. The installation process is quick and effortless.

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