4 Things That Cause Clogged Drains in Bellevue, Washington

Chronic drain clogs can cause homeowners to make a lot of complaints about their plumbing. The clogs may make them blame an incorrect plumbing installation or cause them to say the pipes have become too old for reliability. The real problem may not be the plumbing at all, but the way people in the home use the pipes. Most people realize they should not pour bacon grease down the drain, but other items could cause the same problem.

1. Watch Coffee Grounds

Compost coffee grounds or put the crumbly waste into a garbage can. The grounds do not dissolve in water and can clump and cause clogs in pipes once they dry. Many homeowners wash some coffee grounds down the drain each day, so there is a lot of potential for Clogged Drains in Bellevue WA due to the grounds.

2. Avoid Egg Shells

Eggshells can easily collect with other materials to create a blockage in a pipe. Any egg white left on the shell could also make the shell even more problematic. The eqq white is sticky and can seal the shell to the side of pipes where it can begin to collect other debris washed down the drain.

3. Throw Away Flour

Flour seems innocent enough, but anyone that has ever made Paper Mache knows that when water mixes with flour it becomes glue. A small amount of flour can become instantly Clogged Drains in Bellevue WA, which will take a serious effort to remove.

4. Stop Pouring Oil

Liquid oils like vegetable or olive oil may seem safer than bacon grease but they are not. The oil leaves some residue throughout the pipe that makes it easier for other items to collect along the sides. Hot water only makes the oil and grease clog drains further into the sewer lines where it is more expensive to repair.

Talk to a plumber to learn more about the behaviors in the home that could contribute to plumbing issues. A few changes could make the plumbing much more reliable. All pipes in the bathroom and kitchen need proper care if the owner wants to get the most for their money from them.

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