4 Signs It’s Time to See a Vein Specialist in Bensalem, PA

Sometimes, problems with veins are considered cosmetic, leading to few people seeking treatment from a vein specialist in Bensalem, PA. Disorders go unnoticed until they’re dangerous or severe. It’s essential to seek medical help at the first sign of venous problems. Here are four signs you need to make an appointment.

Leg Heaviness or Discomfort

Burning, heaviness, throbbing, or pain in the legs are signs of discomfort. They indicate you may need to seek treatment from a vein specialist in Bensalem, PA. Having heavy legs is one of the signs of vascular problems. Some conditions are not severe at first but can lead to complications later.

Twisted, Gnarled Veins

One of the signs of venous insufficiency and other vascular problems is twisted or gnarled veins. Women are far more likely to develop them. If treatment isn’t done early, it can pose health dangers. To prevent the issue from getting worse, visit a vein treatment center.

Prolonged Pain

People with vascular disease often experience prolonged pain. Most of the time, the pain increases the longer they stand or sit. For many, exercising encourages blood flow and helps relieve pain. Walking between 30 minutes and an hour daily can support the circulatory system. For many, exercising doesn’t reduce the pain. For some individuals, physical activities of any sort cause extreme discomfort.

Swollen Legs

When blood pools, it can cause fluid to leak from the veins into the tissue, causing swelling, a common symptom of vascular disease. Swelling may be on one or both sides of the body. See a vein specialist in Bensalem, PA, immediately for diagnosis and treatment.

If you have any of these four signs, contact The Center for Advanced Vein Treatment to schedule an appointment with a Vein Specialist in Bensalem, PA.

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