4 Pieces of Advice Before You Shop for Shower Doors

No matter how sturdy those shower doors are, you’ll need to buy replacements sooner or later. Age, moisture and exposure to cleaning solutions can all contribute to its wear.

Signs you need new shower doors

If those doors have been around for 20 years or more, refuse to close properly, no longer fits in the frame or riddled with corrosion and rust, then those are good enough reasons to shop for a replacement. Also, if you find yourself needing to mop water off your bathroom floor, that might be because your door has leaks. Have glass bits on your door? If these are discolored, cracked or damaged in any way, those are also good reasons to start hunting down a replacement.

How to choose one

Today’s Homeowner suggests picking one of the many options out there that include metal finishes and different types of glass. You could go for metal frames on those doors. With plenty of finishes out there–from brushed nickel to satin brass, you’re sure to find one that’s ideal for you. On the other hand, glass doors could help you expand that space. If you’ve got a tiny shower stall, then this is a good addition to that space. Also consider which style will best fit your existing décor and interiors.

Measure everything twice

Make sure you measure your bathroom right. Do it twice so you know the numbers are right. The last thing you want is to order doors that are absolutely the wrong size for your bathroom.

Find a supplier

Once you’ve decided on the ones you want, look around for a trustworthy supplier. You’ll want to shop for top-notched quality shower doors. Make sure you don’t compromise on this one. Buying cheaply-made doors might save you a few bucks now but it could cause long-term problems down the road–from repair expenses and premature replacement costs.

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