4 Commonest Steps in Bed Bug Preparation in Bronx

by | Jul 9, 2014 | Pest Control

Bedbugs are some of the most vicious pests. They are hard to get rid of because they hide in the darkest of places. Once your home is infested, you have to do all you can to clean it. Sometimes this means losing everything that is valuable. One of the most common methods of wiping away pests is through fumigation. Bed Bug Preparation in Bronx is a long process that needs to be done carefully. The steps to take include:

Watering the plants

Make sure that you water the plants that are near the outer walls of your home. You can make the water a lot so that it soaks the soil up to 18 inches from the outer walls. Any plants that are nearer will just have to be forfeited. They will probably die from the effect of the fumigant.


Clearing the tarp area

You will need to cut back any grass, shrubs and foliage within 18 inches of the house. This will create a free space from which you can put the tarps. Shrubs should be cut while flowers can be uprooted. The grass should be cut or dug out completely. This area should be as clear as possible to make the fumigation process successful. The process will take 18 hours at most.

Clearing the house

Remove all the plants that are in the house. If you have some potted plants in the patio, then move them for safety as well. All people and pets should be moved from the structure to a safe. Also, remove mattresses that have waterproof covers from the building. You can remove foods as well as other uncovered things, or you can double bag them.


Vacuum the home thoroughly to exterminate the pests. Vacuuming makes the extermination process easier. When the bugs have infested too widely, one might need to burn some things. These might include clothes, carpets and rugs and also blankets. Pillows can be bagged and put in freezers since the extreme cold will kill bugs and their eggs.
Getting rid of bugs is much harder than it is for other vermin. This is why you need to call in a reliable exterminator to do it. Metro Pest Control is the perfect partner when it comes to Bed Bug Preparation in Bronx.

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