3 Types of Dental Equipment in Fort Lauderdale, FL to Buy in Bulk

When shopping for good deals on Dental Equipment in Fort Lauderdale FL, purchasing items in bulk whenever possible. Some dental supplies are perishable, so they might not be practical for large orders. However, the following four types of dental equipment are ideal for buying in bulk.

1. Buy disposable gloves and protective covers in bulk.

Start with disposable items that are used several times a day in your dental office. These items are perfect for bulk orders because they never expire or go bad, so you’ll benefit from having a supply on hand. These might include:

1. Gloves

2. Bibs

3. Seat covers

4. Headrest covers

You will need adequate storage if you decide to purchase these items in bulk, so dedicate a closet or cabinet specifically for this purpose. Consider a storage area close to the place where the items are used, such as a cabinet behind your dental chairs.

2. Buy fluoride and whitening trays in bulk.

When your patients need fluoride treatments or request whitening services, the trays are the products you use most frequently. Purchase these in bulk so you spend less money and enjoy a constant supply no matter how many patients you see every day.

Since these items come in different sizes, consider your average patients when selecting boxes for bulk orders. If the majority of your patients are men, for example, large trays will be more practical, while small and medium trays are more appropriate for women and children.
Impression trays are also excellent choices for bulk orders. If you frequently fit patients with dentures or provide orthodontic work, impression trays are always needed in your office.

3. Buy masks and gowns in bulk for your staff.

Dental Equipment in Fort Lauderdale FL, used for patients isn’t the only category of supplies to consider buying in bulk. Your staff needs face masks, isolation gowns, technician gowns, and other items to protect themselves as well as your patients.

When buying items in bulk from Servi-Dent Fort Lauderdale, FL, consider the consequences of running out. If you have no protective masks in your office, you cannot provide adequate service to your patients. Therefore, bulk orders can save money as well as keep your business running smoothly. Browse website for more information.

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