3 Tips for Finding the Right Venue for Corporate Events in Orange County, CA

by | Jan 28, 2022 | Event Planning

You’re charged with finding a venue for the company’s next conference or convention. How do you begin to evaluate locations that would be ideal for corporate events in Orange County, CA? Here are three tips that will help you get started.

One has to do with checking out the common spaces that you can secure for the event. This would include exhibit space for displays, rooms for workshops and speeches, and even space to set up and serve food for lunches and breaks. Make sure each space has a capacity that’s at least 20% more than the number of people anticipated to attend.

Another has to do with access to hotel rooms at corporate discounts. Ideally, the event venue is either part of a hotel or is within easy walking distance of several hotels. Determine if you can lock in volume prices for event attendees. When this is possible, that venue is worth considering.

One other element that must be considered with corporate events in Orange County, CA, is the type of support the venue can offer. Is it possible for each exhibit to have access to electricity? How about Internet service for streaming? Don’t overlook elements like parking, especially if you anticipate a large number of attendees driving to your event.

Whatever event is coming up, make a list of what’s needed. Ensure that the venue can provide all the essentials and that other resources nearby can take care of the rest. If so, then the search for the right location is over.

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