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All homeowners should have home insurance. It is important to have home insurance in case anything happens. Since many homeowners do not look over the plan they are purchasing, they do not know exactly what their insurance covers. This is because they would choose the standard/recommended plan. Why not? Insurance companies believe that the standard/recommended is enough for most homeowners. However, don’t you want to know what your home insurance covers? Here are some unique things that your Home Insurance in Adrian MI covers: pets, spoiled food, and lost luggage.


If you have a pet, most home insurance policies would cover the injury of your pet if he/she was involved in a fight with a neighbor’s pet. This means that your insurance company would pay for the cost of the expensive medical bills. Now man’s best friend can rest assured too. You can check the details of your policy to see if you can file the claim through your own company first instead of seeking reimbursement through the neighbor’s insurance.

Spoiled Food

Many insurance companies now cover spoiled food and groceries as a result of power outages. If your power goes out and your food goes bad, your insurance company would cover the cost of the food so you can replace it. Power outages can be a pain. In addition to not being able to see and use your electronics, your 15-pound turkey is spoiling. Insurance companies understand and will cover your turkey.

Lost Luggage

All travelers have one nightmare -; losing their luggage. There is nothing worse than being in a foreign country without your belongings with you or returning home without any of the souvenirs and cool stuff that you bought to show all your friends and family members. Fortunately, many Home Insurance in Adrian MI policies will reimburse you for your lost or stolen luggage.

Without knowing it, your Home Insurance in Adrian MI can cover all these things and more. Some people disregard these things because they don’t have a pet, they don’t travel, etc. However, it could put your mind at ease to know that your insurance company is looking out for you. Who complains about extra insurance? You can call your insurance company and ask for specific details about what your Home Insurance in Adrian MI covers. You may be surprised! Contact Kemner Iott Benz today. Visit us online at Kemneriottbenz.com.

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