3 Tee Shirt Screen Print in Kansas City Ideas for Your Next Fundraiser

When you are trying to raise funds for your cause, there are many different option such as offering services or products for sale. One way to accomplish both at the same time is to provide a custom printed tee shirt. A simply designed tee shirt can go a long way in attracting the supporters you want. This leaves them with something to remember the cause and a tangible reward for their contribution. Here are three basic ideas for tee shirt designs that you can use for your next fundraiser.

Rep Your Team

When you are raising money for a specific person, event, or even a charity, one of the most popular and successful tee shirt designs is to have “Team” plus the main part of your fundraising event. This can be an individual, school, or event name. With this Screen Print in Kansas City idea, you can have a simply done tee shirt that is also great for sharing your cause with anyone who sees the tee shirt.

Keep Calm Custom Quote

Another Screen Print in Kansas City idea that is popular and effective is customized the “keep calm and carry on” quote. Some might think this is overdone, but almost everyone recognizes the quote and finds it interesting to see how it is changed to fit a personalized need. Plus it is easy to add a verb phrase after “keep calm” making it easy for you to think of something that matches your fundraising needs.

Custom Logo

Custom logos are always an option as well. If you have a company or school logo that you want to incorporate, or you have created something that you feel fits your fundraiser better than something else could, use it to your advantage. What is nice about logos is that they can pair with words to make a greater impact on the message of the tee shirt. Contact us for more information about screen print designs.

Custom tee shirts are a great way to share your fund raising event with many people. In addition to advertising, you can make the actual fundraiser seem more fun and inclusive. If you are not hosting a fundraiser, you may still be interested in having custom tee shirts for other events.

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