3 Steps To Help You Hire A Criminal Felony Attorney In Dallas, Texas

by | Jul 22, 2014 | Law

In Texas, if you are accused of a crime, you need immediate legal counsel. According to the law, you have the legal right to hire an attorney after you are booked by a correctional officer. To take advantage of your Miranda Rights, you should call a Criminal Felony Attorney Dallas Texas as soon as possible or visit their website at www.cedillolaw.com for more information.


Choosing a Defense Attorney

Step 1: Locating an Attorney

Review lawyer directories to find a criminal attorney. In most instances, you would discuss the abilities of an attorney with family and friends. However, when facing criminal charges, you may not want to advertise the fact that you are facing these charges to everyone in your community as it presents the probability of scrutiny.

Step 2: Identifying Skills

Establish the attorney’s skill set. The skill set of a great attorney imply that they have the ability to reduce criminal charges, develop sound defense strategies, and decrease the severity of the penalties imposed for the crime. Another vital attribute of an effective attorney is the fact he or she performs the necessary work to generate your defense and doesn’t place these tasks in the hands of an intern, legal assistance, or partner. They should be familiar with interviewing, evaluation of crime scene photos, and the requirements for tools such as polygraphs.

Step 3: Evaluating Success Rate

Visit your local courthouse to review public records that determine the actual success rate of your selected attorney. These records allow you to determine the type of cases he or she has tried. The subject matter of the case provides you with an insight into how the defense attorney approached these cases. With this information, you could determine whether or not you have found the right attorney to try your case.

Choosing the right Criminal Felony Attorney Dallas Texas could be the difference between an acquittal or spending the rest of your natural life in prison. As you evaluate potential attorneys, you should ask them important questions related to their experience, caseload, and references. During a consultation, he or she will provide you with information about fees and costs. If you need an attorney, you should contact The Law Offices Of Eric Cedillo today.

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