3 Reasons Your Restaurant Needs A Commercial Brick Pizza Oven

by | May 12, 2022 | Business

Owning a restaurant is a challenge. Budgeting for new equipment for the kitchen is often difficult as profit margins over the last two years have been very small for most restaurants.

However, when it comes to adding equipment that will pay for itself, a commercial brick pizza oven is an ideal choice. There are many reasons why a pizza oven is a top option for new equipment. To understand the value of a modern brick pizza oven for your restaurant, consider the following benefits.

Exceptional, Authentic Crust and Taste

The new options in commercial brick pizza oven models include the round ovens with the rotating deck. This allows multiple pizzas to be cooked and rotated through the oven, providing beautiful, evenly cooked crusts combined with an authentic wood-fired pizza taste.

Reduces Waste

The revolving pizza oven can be custom set to speed and rotations, ensuring the perfect cooking temperature for your pizza. With the rotation, there is no risk of hot spots causing burnt pizzas, and no need to have staff manually moving the pizzas.

Perfect pizzas mean no wasted time and no pizzas that have to be thrown out due to inattentive staff or hot spots found on traditional types of pizza ovens.

Ambiance and Unique Experience

Adding a commercial brick pizza oven that is customer-facing is a great way to add to the ambiance and experience of dining at your restaurant. It is also very authentic, setting your restaurant apart from the competition.

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