3 Reasons Why Your Divorce Lawyer Will Recommend Discretion

Even what starts out as amicable divorce proceedings can take a sudden turn. There’s a reason why your divorce lawyer near Rockford IL recommends that you exercise discretion while the details are being worked out. In fact, there’s more than one. Here are three that you should keep in mind when your lawyer suggests that you avoid certain actions or being seen in certain places.

Your Words Can Be Interpreted Incorrectly

One of the first pieces of advice that your divorce lawyer of Rockford IL is likely to provide is to say very little about the divorce action or about your soon to be former spouse. Words have a way of making the rounds in social circles, and the way they get back to the other person involved in the action may or may not be what you actually said. By choosing to say as little as possible, you avoid the possibility of some type of misinterpretation complicating the effort to draft a reasonable settlement.

Things Said or Done Without Thinking Could Harm Your Case

Even if what you say does not end up being altered a bit, it could still create difficulties. For this reason, the lawyer will recommend that you think twice before saying or doing anything that could create difficulties. That includes intentionally doing something that you know will anger or cause distress for the person you are divorcing.

Being Seen in Certain Places Could Complicate the Negotiations

It also pays to make sure nothing can be made of the people you see or the places you go. Until the divorce is final, there may be certain establishments that you should not visit. In some cases, you will not want to be seen in public in the company of specific people. As your divorce lawyer will remind you, there will be plenty of time to reclaim your social life after the divorce. For now, your behavior in public should be above reproach.

If you are facing the prospect of a divorce, now is the time to retain legal counsel. Contact the team at the Crosby Law Firm and arrange for a consultation. Along with calling, you can visit webiste and request an appointment. With help from a divorce lawyer, it will be easier to get through this difficult time and prepare to move on to the next phase of your life.

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