3 Reasons Sprinkler Winterization In Boulder, CO Is Essential

If a homeowner lives in an area where the winters are very cold, there are plenty of things they need to do to prepare for the cold months. Many homeowners will bring in their patio furniture, clean the home’s gutters, seal leaks in their windows and doors, and have the heating systems turned up. One winter prep tasks that many homeowners overlook is winterizing their sprinkler system. There are a few reasons to make Sprinkler Winterization Boulder CO a priority.

Freezing Temperatures Can Cause Serious Damage To the System

When water freezes, it expands. This can cause extensive damage to a property’s sprinkler system. When the frozen water expands, it can cause the pipes, pumps, valves, fittings, and sprinklers to burst. These are issues that are difficult and sometimes impossible to repair. When a person has their sprinkler system winterized correctly, it will be functioning as designed when spring arrives.

Voided Warranties

Professional irrigation companies recommend that the system is “blown out” before the winter begins. This process is much more effective than hoping that gravity will drain the water from the pipes and other parts of the system. If the homeowner has a warranty on their system and they didn’t schedule an appointment to have it blown out, the warranty on the parts and labor will be voided. This means that any issues in the future would be the homeowner’s responsibility, which can be very costly.

Save Money On Expensive Repairs

Most homeowners rely significantly on their sprinkler systems in the spring when the grass starts to grow. If they failed to have the system winterized and it isn’t working in the spring, they will need to hire a professional to repair or replace any damaged components. This can be very expensive. If the homeowner doesn’t have the money to pay the irrigation company, their lawn is going to suffer.

When a homeowner is making their winter preparation to-do list, they should be sure to include winterizing the sprinkler system. Sprinkler Winterization Boulder Co will protect the system and save the homeowner money. For more information, contact Ward’s Lawn Service or visit Wardslawn.com.

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