3 Questions to Ask About Medicare Advantage in Miami

Health insurance plans can be tough to understand. It seems like each plan has its own features, discounts, and benefits. But when the time comes to see the doctor, patients want to know what they are going to be required to pay. When it comes to signing up for Medicare Advantage in Miami, there are several questions to ask an insurance agent. These questions can ensure there are no surprises the first time you visit the doctor or pick up a prescription.

What are the different benefits the plan offers in addition to Medicare?

The reason individuals choose a Medicare Advantage plan is the additional benefits they receive. But it is important to consider which added benefits are most important before choosing a plan. Take the time to ask about specific benefits that are of interest. Because there are different plans, it helps to compare them side by side, looking at what each one offers and at what price.

How much will I need to pay for certain services?

Individuals that may need to see a specialist on a regular basis should ask exactly how much that appointment is going to cost. Those on certain medications should ask about the cost before signing up. This decreases the number of surprises along the way and helps with the decision-making process. By asking specific questions about their care, customers can gain a clearer understanding of the coverage.

Do I need to stay in a network?

After seeing one doctor for many years, it can come as quite a shock to no longer be able to visit him or her about health concerns. Find out if the plan requires a participant to stay within a network when seeing a physician. If this is the case, check to see which physicians are participating in the plan’s network. This can also be a factor that helps narrow down the choice of plans.

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