3 Qualities That You Want in a Protection Dog

While many canines make excellent pets and will guard their territories, choosing to welcome a protection dog into the home means looking for specific traits. One school of thought holds that true family protection dogs should be trained while they’re still puppies. Doing so enhances their natural talents and skills in a way that makes them more effective. Do you think a protection dog is right for your home? Look for these qualities.


Some breeds making better protection dogs simply because of their level of intelligence. They learn and understand commands with greater ease. They also have a heightened ability to read their owner’s emotions and voice inflection. This makes a difference in terms of understanding when something is not right and knowing what action to take.


Family protection dogs are constantly aware of their surroundings. They immediately know when a stranger is on the property or when there is some potential danger to a family member. While this trait is strong in certain breeds, it does require some training in order to help the animal hone this particular quality.

Enhancing awareness is not the only thing that working with a professional will accomplish. Thanks to that training, they also know what course of action to take and when to take it.


There’s no doubt that any family protection dog will maintain a high level of loyalty to their owner. They aren’t lured away with the promise of treats or respond well to beguiling tones by intruders. Combined with their alert natures and their innate intelligence, this loyalty ensures the pet will do whatever it takes to protect family members.

Would you like to learn more about protection dogs and how they’re trained? Contact a professional and ask some questions. You’ll soon know what sort of breed would work for your family and may even come across the ideal dog to welcome into the home.

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