3 Proactive Measures To Avoid Surface Teeth Stains

Of all the ways your teeth can become discolored, surface stains are the easiest to treat. If your surface stains get bad enough, you will want to seek out a cosmetic dentist in Studio City to have your teeth whitened. After having your teeth whitened by a professional cosmetic dentist in Studio City, there are a number of proactive measures you can take to prevent surface stains from forming again.

Brush Soon After Consuming Food or Drinks That Stain Your Teeth

You might already know that drinking coffee can gradually stain your teeth. What about all those other food and drinks that lead to nasty surface stains? There are a large number of items you may consume every day that gradually stain your teeth:

Tea – Black or green tea has the potential to stain your teeth. Some studies indicate that black tea may stain your teeth more than coffee!

Soda – Due to the high level of acidity found in sodas, even sodas that are not colored darkly lead to stains.

Berries – Berries usually produce a delicious burst of juice when you bite into them. Unfortunately, this delicious juice leads to not so delicious stains on your teeth.

Avoid Tobacco Products

Everyone knows that smoking or using tobacco products can lead to serious health problems. These products also lead to ugly, yellow stains on your teeth.

If you are a daily tobacco user, there is no way to prevent these stains from occurring other than discontinuing use for good.

Take Proper Care of Your Teeth

Engaging in proper oral hygiene is one of the best ways that you can keep your teeth from surface stains. Not only is brushing important, but flossing as well. Plaque quickly can gather in the gaps between your teeth. This plaque is a magnet for stain causing agents. If you don’t brush often, the stains can morph from staining the plaque on your teeth to staining the enamel, which makes them harder to get rid of.

Whether you have deep stains on your teeth or just surface staining, a cosmetic dentist in Studio City can help whiten your teeth for a brighter smile.

The professionals at Studio City Orthodontist are adept at teeth whitening, dental cleanings, veneers and more. Work with Dr. Kathy Shafagh to get the smile you’ve always wanted.

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