3 Most Common Signs you need Drain Cleaning in Katy TX

The drains are one of the most critical parts of the home’s plumbing system. A drain provides an exit-point for the household’s wastewater. Tub, shower, sink and bathroom drains can become clogged with soap residue, hair, food among other things causing the wastewater to back up. A clogged drain is one of the plumbing repairs that require immediate action. This is because; besides causing havoc in one’s home, a backed up drainage system can pose a lot of health risks to the home owner and his or her family. Preventative drain maintenance is a great way of ensuring efficiency of this facility. However, many homeowners do not give adequate attention to their drains until they start experiencing problems. Here are some of the signs to watch for that indicates the need for Drain Cleaning Katy TX services:

Water backing up in drains
Solid materials that homeowners throw into the drains clog the plumbing fixture leading to no-flow down the drain. If this happens at home, it is important to call in a qualified technician to unclog the drain. If this is not done in time, it will lead to standing water in your sinks and tubs, creating an unhealthy atmosphere and even damage to the plumbing system. One of the worst problems associated with clogged drains is a sewage backup. This plumbing emergency should be addressed as soon as possible. Getting professional drain cleaning the moment one notices standing water can help prevent the situation from worsening.

Slow draining
Before the drains are clogged up completely, they normally start to slowly drain water. Normally, partial clogging is associated with gurgling noise from the sink or toilet. Immediately this is noticed, professional help should be sought.

Sewer odors
If a homeowner is experiencing a persistent odor from the drain, then it is a sure indication that there is something wrong with it. The best thing to do is to call in a Lifeline Plumbing technician to assess the problem. The odor can be eliminated through a complete drain cleaning or by replacing the broken plumbing fixtures to restore proper drainage in the home and fix the problem.

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