3 Inexpensive Purchases That Can Save You Big Money On The Cost of Your Home’s Heating in Hereford

by | Jul 20, 2013 | Heating and Air Conditioning

If you have a few dollars to invest, there are several strategies you can use to save a significant amount of money on the costs of your home’s Heating Hereford. These tips won’t cost you a lot of cash, but they’ll greatly increase the energy efficiency of your home and subsequently save you money on your utility bills. Keep reading to learn 3 effective, low-cost ways you can spend a little to save a lot on the cost of your heating Hereford Maryland.

Have a Professional Seal Your Ducts

A heating system’s ducts are too often ignored by homeowners. Older or neglected ducts can develop leaks that can greatly decrease the energy-efficiency of your home and cost you substantially more each month in heating costs. Luckily, duct sealing is one of the Heating Services offered by your local HVAC technician that is both inexpensive and effective. According to ENERGY STAR, having your ducts professionally sealed and insulated can save you up to 30% on your monthly energy costs.

Invest in Ceiling Fans

Most people are aware that ceiling fans are an effective strategy to cut down on summertime cooling costs. But did you know you can also use them to save money on your heating costs in the winter? Purchasing a reversible fan and running it counter-clockwise will effectively push down the hot air your furnace is forcing into the room, and it will also circulate this hot air more efficiently. This means you can set your thermostat at a lower temperature without feeling the chill. In fact, the Consumer Energy Center estimates that for every degree you lower the temperature in your home, you’ll save 5% on your heating bill.

Program Your Hot Water Heater

Programmable thermostats for your water heater are readily available at your local hardware store, and they can save you big on the costs of heating your water. These inexpensive gadgets work by heating your water at the times of day you program them to do so. This means you only get super-hot water when you actually need it, like in the morning when everyone showers or an hour before bed when you’re running the dishwasher.

You can save a lot of money on your home’s heating costs with a few inexpensive purchases. If you follow the advice above, your investments should pay for themselves within a few months and continue to save you money afterwards.

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