3 Important Questions to Ask a Military Divorce Attorney in Tacoma, WA

by | Mar 2, 2020 | law

For most people, divorce can be a pretty difficult thing to endure. However, there are things people can do to make the process much easier. In this case, here are three things to ask military divorce attorneys in Tacoma, WA, about to make things much simpler:

1. Familiarity With Military Personnel

Of course, it is highly important that the attorney in question has some experience working with military personnel. Ask how many cases have been handled with that particular demographic in mind. A good military divorce attorney in Tacoma, WA, is going to have experience. Try to look for at least one year of professional experience with military personnel.

2. Can You Explain the Blended Retirement System?

This may be a pretty intense question, even for seasoned military divorce attorneys out there. The blended retirement system was pretty new in 2018. However, there are still many cobwebs that need to be shaken out before anyone knows what kind of impact it will have on divorce. A good military divorce attorney in Tacoma, WA, should at least know the basic details.

3. What Benefits Are Available to the Civilian Spouse After Divorce?

Military retirement is pretty much the only benefit the civilian spouse receives after everything has been completed. If the marriage has been in effect for over 20 years and has overlapped at least 15 years of service, one may have access to a year of transitional medical benefits. Only 20 years of marriage overlapping service can get someone 20/20/20 benefits.

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