3 Features to Look for at Laptop Sales in Alsip IL

by | Jan 7, 2015 | Computers

Buying a laptop seems like a fun idea, but oftentimes when you’re uneducated about computers it can be a stressful and difficult process. Knowing what to look for when looking for laptop sales in Alsip IL, determines whether or not you get a computer that satisfies your desires and needs. Here are three features to look for when searching for the right laptop for you.
The Amount of RAM and HDD

RAM or Random Access Memory is the amount of memory your computer will hold. For a general usage, buyers should look for something in the neighborhood of about 8 gigabytes of RAM while extensive gamers may want to go for something around 16 gigabytes. As for HDD or Hard Disk Drive, this determines the amount of space your computer has which can also determine the speed of your computer. It is a good practice to shoot for around 320 GB of HDD.

The Amount of Battery Life

Many users don’t consider battery life as a top priority, but they should. If you are frequently mobile, search for a laptop that has 6 or more hours of battery life. For a more stationary computer, 4 hours should work fine.

The Size and Width

First you must determine what you are going to be primarily using your laptop for and this will help you decide what size will best fit your needs. The smallest, most lightweight systems generally run about 11-12 inches but can oftentimes be too small or cramped for some users. The most convenient size for portability and efficiency is a 13-14 inch screen size, weighing in at a little less than 4 pounds making it easy to use and carry. A bigger screen size, anywhere from 15-18 inches may be the most beneficial if your computer is going to be sitting on the desk all day.

As you can see, there are a lot of various qualities that go into determining the best laptop, and they even vary from person to person. Looking at the RAM, HDD and battery life are only a few of the options you should consider when looking for laptop sales in Alsip IL, and it’s important that you educate yourself on the technology before deciding on what to buy. Consider these tips and features when you’re looking for your next computer investment. Contact BLH Computers with your questions.


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