3 Concepts You Should Know About A Sleep Apnea Machine

An Apnea Sleep Machine alleviates conditions associated with this disorder. They make it easier for the patient to breathe by forcing air through airways. With sleep apnea, the patient possesses a blocked airway that leads to restricted breathing, which causes sleep disturbances and leaves the patient feeling exhausted upon waking. If you wish to discover more about these options, you should inquire about an apnea sleep machine at CPAP Supplies Plus Direct today.

What You Should Consider First:

1. Sizing and Style: CPAP machines don’t present a one-size-fits-all standard. Patients should be fitted for the machine. This enables a proper fit that won’t cause a hindrance later, such as moving or causing discomfort. There are also several mask styles. The full face mask is not the best option for patients who are claustrophobic. As an alternative there are masks that cover the nose only. Some styles may also feature small pillows that rest underneath the nose to prevent irritation.

2. Difficulties in wearing the mask: Most patients need time to adjust to wearing the CPAP mask. To become accustomed to wearing the mask, it is recommended that the patient begin by wearing it during naps. Once they discover the benefits of the machine, it becomes easier to tolerate.

3. Forced Air: The machines are adjustable to allow patients to become accustomed to the forced air entering their lungs. It is similar to wearing an oxygen machine, which could cause an initial panic for the patient at first. The settings may include a ramp option that allows them to begin at a lower pressure at first. However, the doctor can explain to them the right setting necessary for them to provide the most benefits.

Patients with sleep apnea discover that they sleep more effectively when they use their machine. It opens restricted airways and prevents disturbances due to a reduced level of oxygen received. They eliminate the feeling of restlessness and awaken feeling more refreshed. If you wish to discover how the machine is advantageous for you, or if you wish to order more CPAP Supplies Plus Direct today, you should visit.

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