3 Common Reasons For Rod Seal Damage In A Hydraulic Cylinder In Chicago

When the hydraulic cylinder on your machinery malfunctions, one of the most common causes is damage to the rod seal. Below are some quick troubleshooting tips to help you discover the cause of the failure. If you can’t determine the reason for your equipment breakdown, contact a qualified company to diagnose and repair your Hydraulic Cylinder in Chicago.


It’s not uncommon for hydraulic fluid to become contaminated with minuscule particles of airborne debris. This debris often contains abrasives that can deteriorate the seal and the exterior of the piston rod. Water in the fluid can cause damage to the components by changing the consistency of the lubricant. Even air bubbles can cause excessive heat buildup and damage the seal. To keep contaminants down, use the proper filtration system or install rod bellows to delay contamination. If you have an issue with air bubbles, the port may be too small for the rate of flow.


When there is too much pressure across the piston, this can lead to a hydraulic leak. If the equipment continues to run while leaking, the seal will quickly deteriorate because of the excessive friction. To determine if you have a leak, inspect the inner seal for abrasion and the outer edge for uneven wear. To fix the leak, relieve the source of the pressure or replace the seal with a type that’s made specifically for high temperatures.


Some types of fluids are incompatible with the materials in the seal. When this occurs, the seal can swell, shrink or disintegrate. You’ll know that there’s a chemical reaction if the seal feels slimy or sticky. Alternative negative reactions can cause the seal to become cracked and brittle. When you discover that your seal has damage due to a chemical reaction, purchase an alternative type of seal that doesn’t react with the offending chemical. A knowledgeable expert can help you find the correct seal and repair your hydraulic cylinder in Chicago.

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