3 Basic Things To Know About Cloud Computing Providers

Choosing a cloud computing service and provider is a critical choice for any business. Making the wrong choice can result in the need to migrate to a new service, which is both costly and difficult to manage without interruption of workflow during the process.

It is easy to focus only on the cost when considering different cloud computing providers. It is also easy to overlook what information the provider does not make readily available on their website.

To avoid costly mistakes, here are three central aspects to consider when comparing different cloud computing providers.

Not All Providers Offer the Same Services

There is a significant difference in what is offered by various cloud providers. Most providers tend to offer the same basics, but the additional features and services are often lacking in the bargain types of packages
Always check all of the services, features, and options before selecting the best provider for your cloud computing needs.

Not All Providers Have Highly-Rated Customer Support

Customer support is another area of concern with the lowest priced cloud computing providers. Look for services that have technicians and engineers available around the clock to monitor, repair, and maintain their systems.

Not All Providers Have the Same Uptime

Check both the uptime for the provider as well as their SAL (service-level agreement). Companies with the best SAL offer the best commitment to their customers to ensuring the system offers continual uptime.

The SAL is a good indicator of the level of professional services and support a provider offers. It is also a way to highlight the reliability of their data centers and network.

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