4 Things to Know Before Calling for Grease Trap Repair Services in OH

A functional grease trap is an important component of any restaurant’s kitchen. Despite their purpose, many eatery owners don’t fully understand why they are so important. Knowing the basic facts can ensure that the trap functions properly and receives Grease Trap Repair Services in OH when necessary. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about grease traps.

Why is Grease Such a Big Problem?

Some may wonder why it’s necessary to have a grease trap. Grease is a plumbing problem because it can build up, causing a blockage that damages the restaurant’s plumbing system and causes health issues. Furthermore, when blockages become serious enough, they can cause wastewater overflows that damage other parts of the property.

How do Grease Traps Work?

A grease trap works by gathering all the grease created during food preparation. They catch grease and solid waste, which allows only wastewater to go through the pipes. Once the wastewater has no solids, it can be further treated and then released.

When is a Grease Trap Necessary?

If the kitchen doesn’t cook greasy foods, or if it only works with small batches of food, the owner may believe that a grease trap is an unnecessary expense. However, all restaurants are legally required to have grease traps. Even if food isn’t especially greasy, all cooking involves some sort of oil or grease discharge. Therefore, if a person owns a commercial food service property, it has to have a grease trap.

How Often Should Grease Traps be Pumped?

Regular maintenance ensures the continued functionality of a grease trap. These traps should be pumped frequently depending on their usage. When grease and food particles fill up one-quarter to one-third of the trap, pumping can prevent overflow. Although various factors affect the frequency of pumping, generally, they should be done weekly.

Most restaurant owners don’t think about their grease traps that often because they’re busy with other things. That’s why the team at BlufftonAeration.com is here to help. They offer a variety of services such as pumping and Grease Trap Repair Services in OH. Visit the website today for more details or call to schedule service. Find us on Facebook!

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