Your Or Your Loved One Can Remain In The Security Of Their Home With Home Health Care in Potomac

If the health of you or your loved one has been compromised recently, deciding what care plan or treatment to choose can be overwhelming. Home health care lets you remain in your home and the care that you need will come directly to your door. If you are looking for home health care in Potomac it can offer you various levels of care. These can range from personal care up to skilled care, which is a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse.

Personal care would consist of such things as:

* Preparation of your meals and assist in feeding.

* Assist with your mobility and transfers.

* Light housekeeping duties and laundry

* Assist you in bathing, grooming and other personal care.

* Reminding you to take your medication on time.

* Shopping or errands you may need.

Skilled care is given by a nurse. This care would include such things as:

* Wound care.

* Management of your medications and any type of pain management.

* Drawing blood.

* Checking and monitoring the status of your health.

Whether you have a chronic disease such as diabetes, or need rehab from surgery, home health care is able to work with your physician to create a treatment plan that will work for you at home. Caregivers work with the patient and the family teaching the family about the care of the patient. Choosing homecare services does not mean you have to accept services 24 hours a day. Even if you only need assistance for a few hours, home health care can fill that need. If you are currently a caregiver of a family member at home and just need a break to relax or take care of your own errands or personal needs, there is home health care in Potomac that can help with that also.

Having an ill family member with a chronic or short term illness does not mean that person must go to a nursing home for care. You and your family don’t have to carry the burden of caring for them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Home health care can provide you the peace of mind and education for a smooth transition back into home life. Check into

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