You Never Know When You Might Require Collision Repair In Corvallis OR

It does not really matter where you are, maybe you do live in Corvallis Oregon or maybe elsewhere (possibly that other Corvallis in Montana) or, you could be simply passing through Corvallis; the point is that anyone driving a motor vehicle can, at any time, be in a collision situation which can easily result in the need for Collision Repair In Corvallis OR (or elsewhere). So, for this article let’s just look at Collision Repair In Corvallis OR.

The Collision

What constitutes a collision? The dictionary simply tells you that it is the act of colliding. This in turn is defined as to hit or crash into something. For motor vehicles, the collision can be between two moving vehicles (or one moving vehicle hitting something else that is moving on the road – like an animal for example) or it can be one moving vehicle hitting a stationary something. Even a supermarket shopping trolley being pushed into your parked car could be said to be a collision. The word brings thoughts of horrific crashes between speeding vehicles but many collisions can be far less dramatic, even mundane. But, they are all going to need Collision Repair In Corvallis OR to some degree or another. This applies even when the damaged vehicle was stationary at the time and something collided with it.

The Repair

With many motor vehicles (even private cars) weighing it at over a ton, you might think that they are pretty solid. The truth is that, on their outside, they are not. The body shell can be made of relatively thin metal or various plastic materials (including fiberglass) and it is surprising how little force is needed to push in or dent the metal and/or break the plastic bodywork on any type of vehicle.

Once a vehicle has been in a collision, and has been driven or towed to a bodyshop for Collision Repair Corvallis OR, the first requirement is to assess the damage sustained. In some cases, the chassis may have been bent or the engine may have been pushed out of position. Correcting such major damage might well be beyond the abilities of an average bodyshop carrying out Collision Repair In Corvallis OR. Additionally, someone has to assess whether the vehicles safety has been so compromised as to make it unsafe to repair the damage.

Assuming that the vehicle has not suffered any major structural damage, all dented metal work will either have to be hammered back (or hydraulically forced back) to its original shape and position. If this is not possible, it will have to be removed from the vehicle and replaced. Replacement is usually the only way to repair broken plastic parts.

Be Prepared

Since you never know when you might be in a collision, it is a good idea to have the emergency call out number of a good workshop for Collision Repair In Corvallis OR permanently in your vehicle. You should also store it in your mobile phone.

For Collision Repair In Corvallis OR, keep this number handy 541 753 9394. It will put you through to Freebird Body And Paint who are well equipped to deal with just about any collision damage.

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