You Can Even Find Solar Roofing in Dutchess County, NY

Everybody would like to be able to cut their monthly electric bills. One of the most exciting innovations in the roofing industry in many years is the introduction of Solar Shingles. Dow designed these shingles to be Shingles Plus! These shingles can withstand rain, hail and even 110 mph winds, whatever a normal shingle could handle. But normal shingles aren’t soaking up the sunshine and transforming it into power to run anything in the home.

The Dow Powerhouse Solar Shingles even come with a monitoring system that tells homeowners how much power their roof is producing and how this free power is being used. Many homeowners have considered solar panels, especially after watching their electric bills continue to rise, but didn’t like the ‘clunky’ look of the panels. The Solar Shingles are designed to blend in, laying flat like any other shingle. These Solar Shingles even have a 20-year warranty.

One thing that all roofs have in common, whether solar or not, is a need for occasional maintenance. Hiring a professional to do a thorough inspection and report on any needed repairs is always money well spent. The longer a leak is allowed to remain, the more damage the structure will sustain. In fact, leaks have been responsible for starting fires when water comes into contact with exposed wiring. Established roofing contractors are able to set up a maintenance schedule for their customers, ensuring that no major problems will be allowed to develop. This is especially important on roofs with varied angles and levels, common on many older roofs.

Precision Roofing Inc. has been providing quality Roofing in Dutchess County, NY for over 24 years. They can design the roof that meets their client’s needs and expectations and then complete the installation on time and on budget. Precision Roofing can even install energy-producing Solar Shingles. This firm has won numberous awards, including being named a GAF #1 Master Elite Roofing Contractor. Anyone needing a new roof, roof repairs, maintenance or even an historic restoration can be assured of the excellence of their work. They will be pleased to discuss any size project and provide a no-obligtion free estimate.


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