Wiping Out Pain at the Back & Neck Care Center

Chronic pain in the back and neck can reduce the quality of life and interfere with everyday activities. There is help for that at the Back & Neck Care Center. Medical intervention by chiropractic care makes the chronic pain manageable and curable.

Treating Neck Pain

The neck supports the weight of the head. The neck can move the head in just about any direction. Because of its flexibility, it’s prone injury.

Biomechanics is usually responsible for a neck injury. Sitting for long periods of time, repetitive movements, accidents, falls, head injuries and degenerative disorders all can harm the neck. Medical treatment helps to manage or cure the problem.

Chiropractic care for neck pain begins with a thorough exam. An exam finds where the pain originates from. The patient will need to explain what symptoms are experienced to help the chiropractor make a diagnosis.

A physician at the Back & Neck Care Center will conduct a physical exam by the testing range of motion, checking posture, and making a note of movements that are painful. The physician also checks for abnormalities in the structures of the spine. Neck pain is almost always associated with the spine too.

A regular form of treatment patients undergo for neck pain is cervical manipulation. It targets the joints of the neck by manual manipulation. Cervical manipulation aims to regain range of motion by improving the mobility of the spine. This type of therapy also increases flexibility in the muscles of the neck and spine.

Treating Lower Back Pain

About eighty percent of the human population experiences lower back pain at some point in life. The best way to prevent it from getting too bad is by avoiding activities that can cause back injuries, and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.

Before back pain can be treated, the chiropractor needs to know the source of the pain. Sometimes the source of pain is curable, sometimes it is not.

Muscle relaxants is a common form of pain relief. It provides relief for a substantial length of time by acting as a central nervous system depressant. Narcotic pain medication makes it so pain is not perceived by the brain.

Severe back pain can be eliminated with steroid injections. The steroid is injected into the dural sac. The dural sac surrounds the spinal cord. It relieves pain by reducing inflammation at the compressed nerve root. Browse the Website to learn more.

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