Winter Damage Information from Roofers in Appleton

In some places, winter roof damage is common because of the extra weight of accumulated ice and snow. Removing the buildup can prevent water damage to your roof, walls and ceilings, but doing the job yourself can be dangerous. To remove ice and snow from a slippery roof, calling roofers in Appleton is your safest choice.

Roof Damage during the winter
Leaks from melting snow and ice are partly caused by your home’s interior heat. When the ice melts, the water sometimes is trapped under an ice dam. It then is forced under the roof’s shingles and flashing, and interior damage is the result.

Some people have tried to use a common snow shovel to remove rooftop buildup, but this approach is dangerous to you and your roof. Slips and falls are a real possibility, as is shingle damage. Using rock salt is another common approach, but it can also damage shingles and it will more than likely void your roofing warranty. Ask your contractor about the safest way to remove rooftop ice and snow.

Flat Roofing, Gutters and Ice Damage
Ice-filled downspouts and gutters are difficult to clean without damage to them or the roof. You should regularly clean your gutters to reduce the risk of ice damage, or consider having your contractor remove the gutter system to prevent damage. If you have a flat roof, the drains may freeze. If the ice level exceeds that of the roof flashings, leaks will occur. Resolving this issue involves removal of the downspout and physical opening of the drain.

If your skylights are covered in snow and ice, water can get through the ‘weep holes’ and into your home. When you hire Roofers, ask them to remove any snow or ice surrounding your skylight.

Repair of Existing Damage
If you see water marks on your walls or leaks coming through your ceiling, water damage has already occurred. When water and ice damage are extensive, roof replacement may required, contact Business Name for a free estimate and to learn ways you can save!

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