Why Redmond Orthodontics is a Good Choice

While recent methods have revolutionized orthodontics, practitioners will continue to face daily issues concerning patients who experience pain. Redmond Orthodontics is aware of this problem and they are intent on not letting their patients suffer needlessly. However, it is up to the patient to distinguish pain from discomfort as these two are quite different in dentistry. The main issue you, as the patient, must be concerned with is contacting the dentist when something is not right orally.

New methods have revolutionized pain

Orthodontics is the method of realigning the teeth and jaws, in order to obtain aesthetic and functional occlusion. The idea is to move one or more teeth, or the entire dental arch. Traction and alveolar pressure exerted on a tooth creates a slight attack of the supporting tissues of the tooth. Pressure on teeth may feel as if it had just received a shock. Teeth can be sensitive for 2-3 days after visiting the orthodontist, especially when chewing.

After the start of treatment, the patient will always experience a little pain. However, recent methods have succeeded in reducing the pain. Orthodontists now use shape memory, which exerts a slight and constant force, unlike the old spring steel, which exerted a strong pressure. Most people are a little sore for the first 3 -; 4 days, but then the pain goes away quickly. However, the duration and intensity may vary according to the patient. An adaptation period of two to six days is normal.

Pain must always be dealt with

Modern medicine is much more attentive to the problems of pain. The therapeutic arsenal available today allows to effectively fight against the pain, which should be systematically supported. It can relieve discomfort, so why not use it? It is very simple to prescribe an analgesic in a systematic way, so the patient is never in pain. If orthodontics are used in children, parents should not hesitate to call their dentist if problems arise.

Patients should be encouraged to maintain perfect hygiene. Pain can lead to neglect, or fear of brushing. Improper hygiene can promote the development of gingivitis, which will make teeth extremely sensitive. For more information about the topic above, contact Redmond Orthodontics.

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