Why Arborists With a Tree Service in Spokane Usually Do Not Apply Sealant After Pruning

Property owners might wonder why professional arborists providing Tree Service in Spokane do not usually apply any sealant after cutting off a large limb. They have important reasons for not doing this, related to the healing properties of the tree. Only in certain circumstances are they more likely to cover the wound with a sealing substance.

Promoting New Wood Growth

Workers with a professional Tree Service in Spokane know that they should make the cut in a way that leaves the branch collar intact. This is the wider area at the base of the branch. Pruning with this method helps the tree more rapidly cover the wound with new layers of wood.

Although this may be considered healing, it technically is more like a permanent scab. The new layers protect the tree from decay and infection because the injury has been covered. Thus, trees are capable of recovering from most injuries on their own.

Problems With Sealant

Sealants actually can cause harm to trees. If they trap moisture inside the branch, the wood may start to rot. The decay may continue to grow long before it becomes visible, making the structure much weaker and vulnerable to wind damage.

An Exception

One primary exception to this rule is when an oak tree must have a branch removed outside of the winter season. If this is a region where the fungal disease oak wilt is prevalent, the wound must be sealed to prevent infection. Tree service technicians in these regions normally only cut oak branches over the winter. The tree is dormant and this disease is spread by insects that are not around during very cold weather. However, sometimes it becomes necessary to make a cut in spring, summer or fall.

Watering and Fertilizing

After cutting limbs from trees, the workers recommend providing plenty of water to the roots unless the pruning takes place in winter. Fertilizing also may be advisable unless a large number of branches have been cut away for reshaping. Fertilizing not only promotes new wood growth, it also results in faster leaf growth. Property owners who need pruning work done may Contact Spokane Pro Care for assistance.

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