When Your Tree Needs an Arborist For Tree Removal in St. Paul MN

by | Jan 9, 2019 | Landscaping

If you have one or more trees that are not in the best condition, then you need to take steps to find out if they can be salvaged with treatment or if they need to be removed. Once you determine the quality of a tree, you can either treat it yourself or call a reputable Tree Removal St. Paul MN service to care for it or remove it. When you call a Tree Removal St. Paul MN service, a licensed arborist will visit your home to ascertain the condition of a tree. An arborist is a scientist that deals with the cultivation, maintenance, and preservation of trees and other perennial woody plants. He will do tests and inspect different parts of the tree. From there, he will either treat the damaged tree or remove part or all of it.

There are some tips you can follow to see if a tree is damaged. Look at the ground around a tree. The anchoring and supporting roots can rot and decay which causes the entire tree to be unhealthy. Pull all the ivy and other debris away from the soil surrounding a tree. A sick tree will often lean in the opposite direction of cracked or raised soil. When this happens, root disturbance can be present. This can start the process of a tree falling over. After you check for root decay and rot, look over the trunk of the tree to check for corrosion and disintegration. The trunk of the tree is the main body that all the branches grow out of. When it’s in distress, the whole tree can split in two and fall. By thoroughly inspecting the truck for any abnormalities, you can find out if there are any fungi or other organisms growing on it. Having bark missing can be a sign of fungal growth. Also, look for sawdust shavings. These can be an indicator of an insect infestation.

If you have problems with your tree, you can try to treat it yourself. However, if it’s beyong your capabilities, using an experienced arborist can save the tree. If it needs to be removed, an arborist can perform Tree Removal In St. Paul MN safely so there is no property damage.

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