When It Is Time For Sewer Replacement Service in Portland, OR

Plumbing systems work hard day after day, year after year, and they wear out or develop drainage problems. When the sewer gets backed up, it becomes an emergency. Raw sewage can back up into the house through a shower stall or a toilet, and the more the water is run the worse the backup gets. The entire home plumbing system comes to a screeching stop until repairs are made. In fact, the whole home comes to a stop. A good Sewer Replacement Service in Portland OR must be called. These companies provide repairs as well as replacements.

Plugged Drains

A plugged drain can mean someone put something in the sink that did not belong and caused the backup, or it can be the symptom of a much worse problem involving the home’s drainage pipes out to the city sewer system. It can even mean the home septic system is full and needs to be emptied. Most water and sewage backups require professional service. That large drainage pipe going underground across the yard to the septic tank or the city sewer system can be crushed by heavy vehicles driving over it. It can also be blocked by the invasion of tree roots.

Sewer drainage pipes can become clogged over time by improper flushing or using drains to dispose of materials such as bones, grease, wax, paint, toys, fabrics, diapers, and other materials. Every homeowner and family member should be taught what items cannot be washed or flushed down drains. Hair is another thing that can cause drain clogs. Especially long hair, hair cuttings, or animal hair must be cleaned out of sinks, tubs, or other drains before they go down into the pipes and cause trouble.

Getting Help

When a drain backs up or a sink will not drain, it is time to get professional help. Sewer Replacement Service in Portland OR, such as Clog Busters LLC, will unclog drains and sewer pipes as well as replace broken or worn out lines. These companies have special equipment that allows them to unplug, repair, or replace pipes with a minimum of digging and mess. The camera equipment that can be fed into lines to find the location of problems saves a lot of digging. Go to the website for more sewer service information.

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